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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Let's get this straight, Angels especially some Arch Angels have been venerated as Saints. First about Angels. Some are mischievous, playful but still the first of The Lords Children. Many have a freedom we do not and can not understand, while they have "order", they do not have their own will. That was reserved for a select few. God our Lord is a curious child and with that said, a scientist at heart. Always expanding always evolving, (sounds like the whole universe, does it not?). 

While on the one hand the few that where given free will had choice and some followed the "Vain" one, there were some that knew wrong was done or "realized" that was not what they wanted. Yes they were confused, they were led to believe but Our Lord is a loving and redeeming God. He will not allow one of his children or creations go. EVER!

  With that said, what happened to the "fallen" ones? Well, some still walk the Earth to cause chaos and some are arch angels as they were then, are now bent on bleeding us! Yes they are ugly. All they want is to see us bleed and or kill us. To make us DEAD! To end our lives.
  Then there were the ones that had to prove themselves, just as "WE" have to here on this prison planet. These are the ones The Lord is interested in as much as he is in us! How do I know? Well, we are forbidden to grieve The Holy Spirit, we know how Father God Feels about his Son, we know the positions of the Arch Angels and their ranks, we have ancient stories to go on. You can't make this up! So what of these "Entities"? The ones to be redeemed? The ones Father whats back? The ones we don't see? Who are they? where are they? Well, today they walk amongst us, with in some of us. Not just any or all of us just a rare few that may either genetically or mentally have the "opening" needed to hold another living being. Now these "living" beings are still learning and evolving too. They lay dormant but may be awakened by anger, or frustration but in no way do they mean any harm. They may seem to appear as children with Autism or ADD or with the hyper activity. Remember they are giants, and don't "fit" in human form. You'd go crazy too in such a small frame. They may be quieted, as that is what they want. 

This may be con't as I'm being pulled away. ( To George, you know I always wish you and yours the best! About your guest, I think she could have been brighter sharper.)