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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

About Magic! And Being Heavy

    In promising thanks, you have to keep your promise. The promise you made. Be it in your heart or verbally which at that point, there is no turning back!
Giving thanks can be in the from of publishing. To "Put it out there" .. Well, it works for me. I get feed back from  , Well what has to be "The Creator"!

If you haven't caught on to UStream.com ; It's a must to know. There's religion on the bottom, PUNCH IN SCENIC HILLS !

While you are viewing the very beginning of the congregation, you can forward to the middle and BEGIN WITH: Richard's SOLO!

Do EXCUSE the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS! THEY ARE INTRUSIVE and are not set for content for reference! It is all new AND STREAMING !

Jesus as I would like to envision him.

The real Jesus is frightening!
He's HUGE!

Words of Jesus Christ