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Friday, May 21, 2010


    It truly does not matter HOW you believe in the Lord. Everybody is different. All that matters in the long run is that you do continue to "SEEK" Him. I was raised Roman Orthodox, but my father was one of the very little know as descendant of Druid beliefs. They were a particular group of believers of the Earth, and of the Messiah. They were ("The") Crusaders! They believed FIRMLY in The Christ! They believed so firmly that it carried into the genes. They believed quietly, secretively, and without prejudice of race or creed. They knew the old and ancient laws. So when the Christ came to be, it was truly an escape to walk away from the unyielding God that was slow to anger and FIRM ON HIS WORDS!
    Today we have recourse! We have The Angel of HOPE! Not all on Earth can be Quakers, and they are honorable people at best. We also seek Him and that is the bottom line. With that i give you THIS LINK.

Words of Jesus Christ