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Friday, November 26, 2010


  Personally, I'm divided when it comes to believing or not.  I believe you must be true to God. That is to say, It is written, "Seek" God with all your might. So this is where I say, "I don't stop at a religion". I respect everyone for trying, seeking, respecting, observing..etc, but when you "come off" as knowing all, having learned all, then I dismiss you as a heretic! SORRY! The objective to being "CHRISTIAN" is to believe in "CHRIST".  Does your "Religion" believe Christ is the Vicor to God? Let alone, we have to "HUMBLE" ourselves to the Christ! 
 To 'hand over'  your life to a "GOD" that was "APPROVED BY FATHER OF ALL GODS!!! "   I believe with my whole heart that we as human worms, have been liberated and freed to "continue" seeking God for the purpose of attaining a chance, and only a chance at eternal life in the company of Our Holy Father and His Family!
  This leaves these words open to discussion of diverse possibilities as to "WHO" God is, what and why...But in addition to all the written words debatable by scholarly idiots (and I'm not being judgmental, but this can go a long way with out right or cause), There were and are "PROMISES" still upheld by a LOVING God. Promises good and bad! Watch what you believe in with ALL your heart!

Words of Jesus Christ